The Portuguese Synagogue - Esnoga

Address: Mr. Visserplein 3 Amsterdam
Tel: 31 (0) 20 5 310 380


Please note: the synagogue is not related to Chabad, so for any info please contact them directly via the contact info on this page!

The Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam is the synagogue of the Spanish  and Portuguese community who fled to Holland after the Spanish Inquisition,  and their descendants. The synagogue was built over 300 years ago.

The synagogue holds services on Shabbat and Festivals and there is a
morning service (Shacharit) on Sundays.


Prayer schedule:
Friday afternoon / Erev Shabbat:
Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat at candle-lighting time


Morning (Shacharit) 9:00 
Afternoon (Mincha) An hour and a half before Shabbat ends.
Evening (Ma'ariv) when Shabbat ends.


Morning (Shacharit) 08:15


During the week the synagogue serves as a museum:


Tram 4, 9. Meester Visserplein stop.

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